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6 Most Important Questions To Ask Before Building a Shed

In Australia, sheds are considered the third most important asset after home and vehicle. They are not only used for storing our farm, domestic or industrial materials but also keeping them safe and secure from all weather conditions. They also serve as a spacious place for workshops or DIY projects. Having a strong shed acts as an additional storage space for the unnecessary or seldom used items in our home.

To get a shed that you can optimally benefit from, it is important to clarify a few things with your shed builder before any contract is signed. An experienced shed builder can advise you on many aspects about a shed that will suit your needs.

Here is a list of the questions you shouldn’t avoid asking your shed builder.

How experienced are you in building sheds?

Having your own shed instead of using a rental shed on someone else’s property is always a better idea. If you are planning to have a shed on your property, make sure the builder you hire has enough experience. Only an experienced builder will be able to build a shed which matches your requirements. A shed is different from a home and needs to be built with characteristic features. Choose a builder who can customise your shed according to your preferences.

What is your experience with sheds in South Australia?

Longevity is a must with any kind of builder you are working with. The longer time that a company has been building, means that they have spent more time tuning the trouble areas of construction to make the process smoother. Asking about the experience in the area is really important because there are several peculiarities such as the soil and the weather. Also, it can become easier for you to ask about their previous work and get the builders reference. At Blackbird Industries we are proud to be a second-generation builder with all of our experience developed in South Australia.

Would you use high-standard steel?

To have a shed that will last long enough, it needs to be built with steel that complies with the relevant Australian standards. Steel like BlueScope, ZINCALUME®, and COLORBOND® are the types used in Australia to build different parts of a shed. Ask the steel type your builder will use in your shed. Having your shed built with genuine quality steel will ensure its durability and keep you away from building work liabilities.

Will the shed be able to stand extreme weather conditions?

Australia is prone to harshest UV rays in the world. Hence, the painted steel used in the shed must be able to withstand such harmful rays. COLORBOND® steel is tested for any defects so that you can have a robust shed without any signs of flaking, blistering, peeling, or cracking. In all, to protect your shed from extreme climatic conditions, you have to be sure that the materials used are of a high standard and tested for flaws.

Will the shed match the site’s specifications?

Not all sheds can be the same. They must be strategically built in accordance with the site’s pros and cons. An expert shed builder examines the site’s location, the direction of wind and sunlight, distance from your home or other buildings and so on. Depending on all these factors, a builder will plan the right design.

Will there be any warranty on the shed?

Although a good shed builder offers warranted service on shed building, it is better to be clear about it from the beginning. If the builder offers a warranty, ask the duration and what aspects it covers. Using steel of registered brands is also a sign of reliability. Make sure you get genuine materials for your shed.

Having a shed built around your preferences is a great idea. Find a shed builder who can be relied upon and make sure to ask these questions before you make a final call. All the above questions will lead you to a shed builder you can trust. If you have any other questions we can help you to clear them up.

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