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What’s BIM? How will my house benefit from the use of BIM in its design?

There are several new technologies emerging everywhere, and the construction industry is no exception. But what are the benefits that I can get as a client? What are the implications if I choose to work with a builder that doesn’t use such technologies? What are the advantages that I get if I choose to work with a builder that is an expert on these?

It’s important to understand first what BIM is. BIM refers to Building Information Modelling, which basically means that before actually creating the building in the real world, everything will be built and simulated first virtually. BIM works like a prototype, with huge analysis capabilities.

This creates huge benefits when used properly, especially for the final owners of the building. We have listed 3 major benefits you will have if your design is made with this approach:


Since BIM works like a virtual prototype it is no surprise that it BIM is also excellent for communicating. You can “test drive” your building with the builders and designers long before it is actually built. You can make “virtual” inspections of the building as if you were walking inside a real building. These capabilities give a better understanding of the design from the very beginning to the end avoiding a lot of mistakes and alterations at the end of the construction phase.

Cost definition

If you are working with a builder that is an expert in this technology the major benefit is this. With BIM it’s possible to have a cost definition instead of cost estimation. If you have some experience in building or if you have talked with friends that have some experience in building, you will know that it’s not uncommon to hear someone talking about how a building was over budget. What BIM does is while you are designing you get a specific, accurate and real take-off of all the materials that will be used, reducing mistakes and problems such as going over budget.


When you are investing your money on making a building you expect that it will be delivered on time and according to the budget you planned. You need to feel safe. This is another huge benefit that you get as a client when getting your project done with this technology: safety. The use of BIM technology reduces errors and omissions in construction documents and it also allows your builder to identify problems earlier in the building process. Fixing problems early means fewer issues in the plans and ultimately fewer hassles in the field. In other words, you will be safer, than working in the traditional way.

Besides the listed benefits, BIM will also improve building quality, optimise the overall building construction, significantly reduce building lifecycle costs and will provide a more sustainable building.

At Blackbird Industries we have a team devoted to BIM. We decided to start within this journey thinking about our clients and the amazing outcomes that are possible to get with such technology. If you want to know more about it go ahead and download our brochure or watch this video.

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