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Blackbird Industries has provided construction services throughout the Limestone Coast of South Australia for over 20 years. During these years we have always offered improved construction solutions for our community.​

We are a family-owned company that was established in Millicent in the year 2000 by Norm Golding and his sons Ben and Andrew. The company was established with the vision of offering the most reliable and high-quality service in South Australia.​

Currently, Andrew is the Managing Director and Norm and Ben both being Site Project Managers. In order to keep pursuing the vision in which Blackbird Industries was founded, today, the company counts on the most advanced technology resources such as drones, virtual construction processes (BIM), and cloud computing...

Blackbird Industries aims to deliver the best customer experience in the market in all of its product ranges. After all, building is a matter of trust and quality. Whether it’s a commercial building, shed, garage, warehouse, boat storage or aircraft hanger.

1. Our Company

Whether you are building a shed or a commercial building, rely on the knowledge and expertise of our staff to help you through the initial planning and design stage right through to the completion of your project.

3. Construction Docs

A compilation of final design documents can be created and lodged to the relevant authorities on your behalf, in order to achieve building approval. This includes the drafting of all plans by our professional staff.

2. HIA Member

Blackbird Industries is a proud member of the Housing Industry Australia group. You can be guaranteed that all our building work complies with the stringent Australian Standards, giving you peace of mind during the building process.

4. Construction

Construction will commence after all the relevant documentation and necessary approvals have been received. Our staff are always willing to assist you with any information you may require during any stage of your project.

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